As part of their long range planning report, “Advancing Astronomy in the Coming Decade; Opportunities and Challenges,” the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Astronomical Sciences Portfolio Review Committee recommended a decrease in funding for the GBT in order to shift funds to newer facilities.

As part of this decrease, the GBT has been split from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory to become an independent entity called the Green Bank Observatory. This will provide new opportunities for the GBT to raise funds to support the telescope. We urge you to advocate for continued, partial National Science Foundation support of the new Green Bank Observatory so that it remains a resource for the PSC project and astronomers worldwide. You can do this by:

Writing letters to your Senators and Members of Congress
Writing letters to the NSF
Helping to spread the word!

Please follow developments by joining the mailing list at Go Green Bank Observatory, a grassroots community dedicated to fighting for the GBT's future!

You can also DONATE funds to help PSC students continue their work on the GBT. A donation to the Center for Gravitational Waves and Cosmology at WVU will be used to purchase time on the GBT for high-school students in the Pulsar Search Collaboratory program to use. This helps students make discoveries and also contributes to the Observatory's operating budget.